/ MyLoveCode and Love

Why should you believe in true love and does the perfect love relationship exist? How likely is it that your star—crossed relationship will last? MyLoveCode helps you to decipher whether authentic relationships are possible! In the media, dream couples are presented again and again, which supposedly fit together like in romantic movies. Football stars date models, and movie stars date other movie stars or Silicon Valley magnates. The whole dating system seems superficial, predictable, and is often based on a romance trope. The truth of romantic connections, however, lies much deeper and is at the same time super satisfying. The great secret that almost nobody knows is the powerful life energy that every human being radiates and that vibrates at a special, individual frequency for each person. This life energy is as unique as a human fingerprint, and it interacts with all other interpersonal energy fields that we encounter daily. When two people meet on a date, the level of synchronicity in their energetic fields is essential to whether a shard future is possible, and whether intimacy and passion become a reality. The MyLoveCode project allows us to test each potential romantic couple very quickly for the similarity of the energetic-synchronous resonance, since we have already tested thousands of romantic couples according to high scientific standards and therefore are able to determine the dating potential of each couple accurately.

We address all singles who are looking for a great and romantic date and want to know if romantic connections and meaningful conversations are truly possible if you meet during moments of joy. Checking compatibility also increases the likelihood of meeting the love of your life and finding your personal source of happiness. The primary purpose of the MyLoveCode relationship test is to provide singles with a top-of-the-line dream partner search tool that enriches your dating life and gives you the intuitive ability to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.