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The test is based on the scientific 5 x similarity rules.

Enter your date of birth and the date of birth of your potential partner and get your energy result.

Example of result:

You Your date of birth

Tested person Date of birth of the tested person

Result of the Couple: Very high







We recommend to meet face to face as well if there is at least one
in the general result.

We only maximise the probability of a right match.
Nevertheless, the only way to make a decison is during a face-to-face meeting and the only one who can do it is yourself.

The test is based on the 5x similarity rules based on more than 120.000 comparison tests.

58 algorithms calculate energy synchronicity in Basic version.
In turn, 80 algorithms calculate energy synchronicity in Premium version.
3 free analysis

/ Harmony

The harmony result is the most important result for predicting the success of a relationship. A high result indicates a high probability of correct matching and a high flow of harmonic energy.

/ Sexuality

Means lust that fans the flame of sensual emotions and prevents routine from getting into your relationship. Partners with a high sexuality score are passionate and faithful to each other.

/ Spirituality

A high score means that you will perfectly understand each other’s emotions and that you will be able to express your feelings and establish a strong bond so that you become best friends, who support and comfort each other in hard times.

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