/ Idea

The theory of love connection

20 January 2023

The MyLoveCode project was designed as a specialized tool that can help singles to find a partner that fit emotionally.

Some more essential aspects:

1. As an integral part of the MyLoveCode test, the harmony result is one of the decisive factors for the success of a relationship, supported by both sexuality and spirituality, as further important pillars of the interpersonal flow of energy…

20 January 2023

The article in “Psychologie Heute“1 revealed that the choice of a life partner is made primarily based on physical resemblance. This thesis is as obvious as it is fascinating…

20 January 2023

  1. You have 3 free tests at your disposal.
  2. Enjoy the free games and get to know us better.

20 January 2023

Why would you benefit learning more about your matching key and spiritual energy?

20 January 2023

MyLoveCode was primarily invented to make it easier for two singles on their first date. We want to create a synchronous connection between potential partners…

/ Remember!

We do not aim at giving you the ready-made solution – we are not a dating website and we do not offer a base of potential ‘candidates’ for finding your soulmate. We offer a tool to verify your choice, while keeping the objective analytic approach. Our love compatibility test can help you find the right person. Dating can be easier. MyLoveCode, love compatibility test, will help you get closer to this one person.