/ When should you use MLC?

Why would you benefit learning more about your matching key and spiritual energy?

  • When you know the date of birth and name of the person you’d like to date.
  • If you also know the first and last name of the person you find interesting (only applies to the extended premium version).
  • If you are suspicious that the potential partner’s pictures have been heavily edited. Pictures that are published in dating sites, for example, rarely reflect reality.
  • If you cannot activate your intuition during the process of choosing a partner, for example when looking at the pictures.
  • When you cannot assess the energy of this person because they do not transfer it to you or even block it.
  • When you’re already registered on a dating website where the algorithms offer you several people who are supposed to be your match. You can then verify these people using our service.
  • When you don’t have the time to go out with all the potential candidates. Our tool will allow you effectively narrow down the number of your potential dates.
  • Let’s say you’ve registered on a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., which connects you with a practically unlimited number of people, and you’ve met an interesting person. With us, you can check, if you are not sure, whether it’s worth meeting him or her in the real world.
  • For fun, when you want to raise your energetic awareness or check the possibility of two people being a couple. E.g. when two celebrities are said to be in a relationship, but officially claim they aren’t.
  • Please do not use MyLoveCode to check the energy resonance between you and your current partner, since no one is free from the psychological effect of the so-called self-fulfilling prophecy if the result is not positive enough. If you did the YourLoveCode test, be sure there are no tests prepared by anyone that can compete with your direct face-to-face choice. Please note that your choice of partner will always depend very much on which phase your personal development you are.